Wild Boys! – 15+ Duran Duran masterpieces




Recently I had a Duranie request a mix tape playlist of Duran Duran songs that I love. This was a very difficult task because how can one choose just 15 songs from such an extensive, awesome and amazing song catalog?!

Challenge accepted!

I took to the task and came up with a random order 15 song playlist with 2 bonus tracks (who doesn’t love bonus tracks?!) 

I could have made a 50+ track playlist with no problem, but here you go “Jimi Duranie” – I hope you enjoy this latest mix tape playlist! 🙂

What would be on your mix tape of Duran Duran songs if you had only 15 (17) to choose from?!



Duran mix tape


  1. The Reflex (live 1984)
  2. The Seventh Stranger (live 1984)
  3. Rio
  4. Notorious
  5. Come Undone
  6. Careless Memories (live 1984)
  7. Hold Back the Rain (live 1982)
  8. Working for the Skin Trade
  9. White Lines (extended)
  10. (Reach Up for The) Sunrise
  11. The Wild Boys
  12. New Moon on Monday
  13. I Don’t Want Your Love
  14. A View to a Kill
  15. All You Need is Now
  16. The Chauffeur
  17. She’s Too Much