Fall Mood

cemetery oberlin fall moodHere it goes again…


The temperature begins to cool, the sun goes to sleep, and everything in nature begins to die.

Yes, it is that time of year again – and I am in a mood. 

Nothing fits me better right now than my black jacket, bat-winged black shirt, tired and worn blue jeans (I don’t care if they are snug around my hips and ass), and my favorite pair of (shit kickers) Doc Martens.

I ruin one more towel in my bathroom (and stain the sink and floor) dying my hair drop dead red. The make-up gets slathered on – all black of course, with blood red lips, making me appear much paler than usual.


Don’t call me a “Goth Chick” – I was this way before the trend was popular.


I am Me – not the society conformed robot everyone has become accustomed to. The look, the mood, the clothes, the art and writing – all Me.

Do not label me and steer clear – I am in a mood.

Lucretia my ReflectionThe deviant cynic deep inside of me fights to the surface – Lucretia has awakened.


You have been warned.


No more self-doubt. No more doormat. Step on my toes and expect a fight. This is my time. My feelings. My actions and words will reflect this. You can see it in my ever darkening green eyes.

So I walk outside, gaze up at the dying sun, and breathe in life – My life.

This is my calling – to revel in and embrace the darkness. To live within the shadows, alone, without fear or doubt. This is my solace. My bliss. My everything. I know this now.


I will never surrender.