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The Strays of Rome and Pompeii [gallery]

When I visited Italy in March 2011, one of the wonderful things I noticed is that the strays are well cared for, especially in ruin areas, where they run free and happy. It only makes sense that I found these refuges, being an animal lover myself.   The first of these areas I visited was Largo di Torre Argentina, or the Area Sacra. These stray cats, under the protection of Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, are in essence protectors for the ruins and the place where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by the senators…

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Carpe Vinum [poetry]

  Trying to write, to pull thoughts out of my head and voice them… Give them Life… but my brain is stuck in neutral – sitting idly with monotony… I need to find My Muse. Or drink. Maybe both. In vino vertias.    

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Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

  Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite childhood stories. I also love the Disney animated movie and enjoyed Tim Burton’s twist on the story back in 2010. I’ve always identified with the character the Cheshire Cat – that famous big, wide grin and his confusing philosophical ways. The Cheshire Cat sees and knows a lot of things, yet keeps it all concealed behind his grin – innocent, yet guilty grin I might add. Another favorite of mine is The Matrix. There are so many similarities between the two…

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