I’ve Lost My Superpowers…

My words are not so poetic these days. The words I string together that would drip with sweet metaphors and glided descriptions which flow in perfect harmony have been replaced with a blunt tongue and harsh reality along with predictable patterns and placement.  Boring. Dull. Drab. Meaningless. There is nothing beautiful here to read. Not right now. Will there ever be again? Have I lost my ability to resonate, to touch the depths of another’s mind and heart, to inspire and motivate, to write anything of substance? It sure feels…

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Carpe Vinum [poetry]

  Trying to write, to pull thoughts out of my head and voice them… Give them Life… but my brain is stuck in neutral – sitting idly with monotony… I need to find My Muse. Or drink. Maybe both. In vino vertias.    

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