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Punk Rock Summer of 88

  Yesterday, I took a drive early evening with the windows down and music up. It was such a beautiful night; warm air with all the wonderful smells of summer combining into a swirl of memories for me. Isn’t it funny how scents have the power to transport you to another time? I drove to the spot I used to go and sit alone, and sometimes with you, to think and be at peace. I parked my car and made my way to the steps. I sat and watched the sun…

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Summer of Anarchy – 1988

If I had to choose a summer from my youth to describe as the best summer ever, hands down it was the summer of 1988.   That summer was the best three months of fun, teenage rebellion, music, and transformation for me; I shaped and formed my future character. I lived every day as if it were my last. It was my “Summer of Anarchy!” and I was a Punk Rock Girl!     The eighties were filled with amazing music, no matter what genre you listened to. My musical tastes…

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Sing Blue Silver

(Edited and revised 9/11/14) I’ve been listening to a lot of Duran Duran lately. They were my first band crush when I was a kid; I had my walls covered with them. I was a total Duran Duran fanatic. My best friend and I had every lyric on every album memorized. My Duran Duran record collection was something I treasured. My love and appreciation, and yes I must admit, obsession with music, started with this band. To this day, Duran Duran are still one of my all time favorite bands. During…

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