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Black Wednesday, Teenage Punk, & the Social Introvert

  Long before there was American Horror Story: Coven, my Punk friends in high school and I had a silly little ritual every week – Black Wednesday.   When I say long before, I really mean this – I’m talking the late 1980’s. We were Goth way before it was trendy and there was such a thing as Hot Topic. The funny thing about this day was that, aside from Wednesday’s, we almost always wore black to school – every shade of black from pitch black to washed-too-much-faded-out black. Black…

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Summer of Anarchy – 1988

If I had to choose a summer from my youth to describe as the best summer ever, hands down it was the summer of 1988.   That summer was the best three months of fun, teenage rebellion, music, and transformation for me; I shaped and formed my future character. I lived every day as if it were my last. It was my “Summer of Anarchy!” and I was a Punk Rock Girl!     The eighties were filled with amazing music, no matter what genre you listened to. My musical tastes…

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Halloween Magic

(Revised & updated 10/26/14) Halloween has always been my most favorite holiday since I was a child.   I loved going to the stores with my dad and browsing through the Halloween section of costumes and decorations. My favorite candy was, and still is, Brach’s candy corn and the mellowcream pumpkins. The best part was the sugary honey sweetness, I could eat a bag within days just on my own! These days, I eat one pumpkin and a few candy corn and I’m more than satisfied. That sweetness is too…

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