crescent moon over lake musings poetry 

The Moon, The Stars, and You

“The Moon, The Stars, and You” – a poem of romantic longing on a hot summer night by the lakeshore under the glow of a crescent moon.

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lost lover memories make me cry musings poetry 

Memories Make Me Cry [poetry]

Wrestling with images in my head Of us. Past, present, and future all meshing together…Will it ever end –or perhaps begin again?

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depression musings poetry 

Spiraling Madness [poetry]

I decided to do some writing recently while in the midst of a depression spiral… this is the result.     The demons are after me tonight My own personal demons In my head Birthed at an early age They’ve lived here forever And tonight they are Twisting and turning Dancing and churning Fucking with my thoughts The logical processes in my mind Whispering in my ears Yelling in my mind Giving me tunnel vision They keep coming Attacking Have you ever swallowed your screams? Tonight I do just that…

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