The Moon, The Stars, and You

In the formidable 

Darkness of the night

I gaze upon the moon and stars

Reflected in the

Sparkling water;

The light of the moon

Mystically magical

Glistening like liquid silver,

Rippling in the waves.

You should be here…

I gaze at the brightest star,

And think of you…

Your eyes, 

Mesmerizing as the moon and

Tranquil as the water

Hiding within a soul

As mysterious as

The stars themselves. 

I long to hold you

Close to my heart.

But you are like the stars —

Sparkling and dazzling

So near, yet so very far away.

I make a wish…

For you to fall,

As a falling star,

Into my arms and 

Share with me

The mysteries of

Your soul.