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Personal Jesus vs. Line Dancing

Personal Jesus solidified Depeche Mode’s popularity worldwide – however, it suffered from an unfortunate side effect – line dancing.

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Peace of mind can’t be bought…

I found treasure not where I thought Peace of mind can’t be bought Still, I believe   Just hang on Suffer well Sometimes it’s hard It’s hard to tell     It is winter, but there is no snow – not yet at least. Usually, it is the snow, with its cold, lingering drab and grey dullness that causes my mood to drop into a downward spiral. Not this year. While we’ve been blessed with many sunny days and warmer than usual temperatures so far this winter, my body and mind…

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Dead Souls: A Darkwave Halloween

  Halloween greetings to you on this chilly and cloudy day – at least here in Northern Ohio.   As promised yesterday in my first of two great Halloween playlists, I bring you installment #2 – a New Wave, Darkwave, Gothic and Industrial mixtape playlist for all of you children of the night! This playlist does steal a few selections from my Grimly Fiendish Halloween mixtape from last year – but I did my best to keep them to a minimum and instead use the extended or dance remix versions. No New Wave/Darkwave…

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