The Shit Storm of Negativity



Over the course the past week, along with just about losing my mind, I’ve almost felt like giving up, giving in and snapping. This is the result of too many things being piled on all at once from work and my car breaking down – then being told by the mechanics my car is a deathtrap.

Add onto that crap, dealing with a leaky ceiling in my apartment and having slumlords for property management. Come to think of it that’s the least of my worries at this point.

Welcome to the first shit storm of negativity for 2015.

Have I cried? A bit.

Have I complained to others? More like venting than complaining, but yes. I’m human after all.

Oh what I’d give to be Wonder Woman or Samantha from Bewitched right now.

But I’m not. I’m just Laura.


I’m one crazy fucked up story from one day to the next.


Over the years I’ve learned to look at problems and setbacks as speed bumps in life. They cause you to slow down, re-examine where you going and what you’re doing.

Sure, I kind of freak out when I first encounter the speed bumps, but nowhere near like I used to.

After learning to live a more positive life, when bad things happen to me and I start to get negative and depressed, it feels like a toxic poison going through my body.

This time I unfortunately gave in and let it fester for a few days. This resulted in a junk food binge consisting of a small bag of salt and vinegar chips, 4 snack size Milky Way caramel bars and a big chug jug of 2% cow milk.

Have I mentioned I live next to a Dollar General? Bad. All bad.

Needless to say this combination both looked and sounded good to me at first – this is how I used to drown my sorrows in the past. However, years later with new coping skills and eating habits, this time I suffered immensely for ingesting that crap. Let’s just say it was better going down than up.

What have I learned from this most recent brush with the shit storm of negativity?

  • Things can always be and/or get worse.
  • Things have been worse and I’m still standing.
  • If you need to cry, then cry. Somehow it makes everything seem a bit better.
  • A junk food binge, no matter how good it sounds in theory, is never good.
  • Watching funny movies is always a great distraction.
  • Sometimes shit happens, and sometimes that shit is for your greater good.

And most importantly


Work is work. Yeah they are piling a shit ton of stuff on me all at once, but I need to calm down, prioritize and do as I’ve always done. No use stressing out over the workload. I’ll sell what I can and that’s all I can do.

My car, while yes, some might consider it a deathtrap, is my putt-putt-around-town car. I wanted a beater car and that’s what I got. I don’t want to be strapped down and burdened with a car payment for years again. I own this car free and clear. I’ll repair the little monster as it breaks and start saving for another one. 

It’s called putting shit into perspective and not getting tunnel vision.

Come to think of it, I kinda feel like Wonder Woman now that I’ve made it through the first shit storm of 2015. 

As the Howard Jones song says, Things can only get better!

Yes, yes they can… and they always do.