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Frigid Solitude – Haiku [poetry]

  January sun Swallowed by ominous clouds Not allowed to shine   Bitter cold wind bites Stealing comfortable warmth Chilling to the bone   Solitary life Never used to be this way Long winter alone  

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Strip Club Memories – Color Me Harold

Working at the strip club wasn’t always bad, in fact, there were a lot of good times I shared not only with the girls, but customers as well. Over this past weekend, while writing another Strip Club Follies installment, I remembered an instance where all the dancers I worked with showed kindness and compassion to a very special customer.   His name was Harold.   The first time I met Harold, he came bumbling into the club with a big smile on his face, and a backpack slung over his shoulder. He…

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The Shit Storm of Negativity

  Over the course the past week, along with just about losing my mind, I’ve almost felt like giving up, giving in and snapping. This is the result of too many things being piled on all at once from work and my car breaking down – then being told by the mechanics my car is a deathtrap. Add onto that crap, dealing with a leaky ceiling in my apartment and having slumlords for property management. Come to think of it that’s the least of my worries at this point. Welcome to the first shit storm…

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