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Summertime Sadness

Cleaning through my notes once again on my iPhone and iPad…    The following are snippets about love, lust, and relationships I made sure to jot down over the years, as to not lose the thoughts and possibly (someday) use them for writing prompts. I’m not one to let words go to waste, so consider this Meteorites Part II.  The title of this post is courtesy of the Lana Del Rey song, Summertime Sadness, which is very heartfelt and kinda my theme song these days. Also, the playlist that accompanies…

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Meteorites: Random thoughts of a troubled and artistic mind

Various notes, random thoughts, verse and more from my iPhone over the past few years. I like to call these tidbits Meteorites, after the song by Echo and The Bunnymen – it just fits.  Life take it’s toll… cursed by mortality… Life’s lost soldiers on the march Leaving their trenches now… Nights got cold as life got dark Freezing the senses now Can it be found… can it be found? Please be found, please be found, please be found     Screaming screaming screaming in my head but it never takes…

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