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Forgotten Woman – Haiku [poetry]

  I ran across this series of haiku while going through some old journals and folders of writing from my high school and college days. The assignment was to write four haiku that connect one main thought. Nailed it. I think I will feature some of these lines in a few mixed media canvases I have in the works… By the way, I got an “A” on this assignment. 🙂       Forgotten woman Calling out in agony Exasperated   I am losing grip Depression chipping away Inconsolable   Loneliness…

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Alone & Rockin’ it!

I’m sitting in my living room in one of my beloved Hello Kitty t-shirts and a pair of colorful knee socks, eating peanut butter out of an almost empty jar with a spoon; I am finding that this is one of the many joys of living alone. Let me interject here that I don’t care that I’m almost 42 and still wearing Hello Kitty – I’ll rock the shit out of it at any age thank-you-very-much.   I’m not going to make excuses for wearing things that are, as Mom-ster…

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