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Et Tu Brute? – Backstabbing Bee

    One of the most confusing and annoying things I’ve had to wrap my brain around since leaving the gritty and corrupt world of the strip club is how Queen Bee went from being my BFF to my enemy. I’ll never forget when Queen Bee and I first met. The club had just opened the doors to a day shift; I was only a house mom, working night shift. Queen Bee fluttered into the dressing room as I was setting up my stuff for the night girls. We exchanged…

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Ghost of You – Haiku [poetry]

  Midnight rendezvous Your strong arms embrace me tight Intoxicating     The taste of your kiss Still lingering on my lips Aphrodisiac     Feelings flooding back Memories of betrayal Reverberation     Awaken alone Loneliness is amplified Undeniable    

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