Forbidden Fruit: A Lustful Mix

Love and sex makes the world go ’round – it’s a fact of life – and they offer for a lot, if not most, song lyrics. 




Where would we be without them? 

What about kink and corruption? Now we’re talking…

forbidden fruit

What is it about the forbidden fruits that make them so much more sweeter to taste?

I think it is human nature to have some deviant desires. Of course I consider myself the unofficial queen of unconventional relationships, at least in my circle of friends.

It’s no secret I’ve tasted the fruit from the deviance tree more than once in my life. It’s not that I am a slut, it is because I have always embraced my wild and rebellious ways. I’m a writer and artist. I hold within me a curiosity, and to steal a line from Iggy Pop, a lust for life. I also have the courage and fortitude to explore uncharted territory without reservation.

Have you tasted the forbidden fruit, or is it still a fantasy world for you? If you haven’t yet, what is stopping you from exploration? Even the tiniest taste can make a huge difference in your world. 

Give yourself permission to get adventurous and play.

Just in time for a long Valentine’s Day weekend a mixtape playlist chock full of good ol’ lustful and sexy songs about love, lust, corruption, BDSM and over all naughtiness – mostly by alternative artists, with a few exceptions. I had to throw in some Madonna, just for good measure. No one took risks and openly brought fantasies out into the open like Madonna did in the 1980’s and 90’s. 

You’ll also see a plethora of songs by Depeche Mode on this playlist – that’s no mistake. I feel that no one out there has embraced the sexiness of BDSM more than Martin L. Gore and his lyrics.

So get inside your mind, pull some of your fantasies out and experiment – even if you just entertain the thoughts, write, sing, dance or you find the wild spirit inside to share those thoughts with your significant other.

If you’ve waited for permission or a sign to do it – here it is, with the perfect music to accompany you.

open your mind
Original canvas 2014 Laura Bock – Open Your Mind



martin l gore bdsmForbidden Fruit

  1. Strangelove – Depeche Mode
  2. I Put a Spell on You – Annie Lennox
  3. Face to Face – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  4. Slave – Gary Numan
  5. I’m Your Man – Nick Cave 
  6. Secret – Madonna
  7. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Chris Issac
  8. In Your Room – Depeche Mode
  9. No Ordinary Love – Sade
  10. Principles of Lust – Enigma
  11. Slave to Love – Bryan Ferry
  12. The Chauffeur – Duran Duran
  13. Surrender – Depeche Mode
  14. Rough Sex – Lords of Acid
  15. Chains – Tina Arena
  16. Human Nature – Madonna
  17. (Slave to) Lust – The Mission
  18. Happiness in Slavery – Nine Inch Nails
  19. Tight Rope – Lacuna Coil
  20. Master – Razed in Black
  21. #1 Crush – Garbage
  22. Rush (live) – Depeche Mode
  23. Pleasure and Pain – Cuir Bleu
  24. Kiss (The Whip) – Athamay
  25. Christian Woman – Type O Negative
  26. Bondage Song – London After Midnight
  27. Stripped (live) – Depeche Mode
  28. Got You Where I Want You – The Flys
  29. 6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps
  30. Like A Bad Girl Should – The Cramps
  31. Desire (Sacrifice) – Gary Numan
  32. Justify My Love – Madonna
  33. Working For The Skin Trade – Duran Duran
  34. Dressed in Black – Depeche Mode
  35. Spank My Booty – Lords of Acid
  36. The Pleasure Is Pain – The Dark
  37. Deliverance – The Mission
  38. Only When I Lose Myself – Depeche Mode
  39. In My Secret Life – Leonard Cohen
  40. Temple of Love – Sisters of Mercy
  41. Venus in Furs – The Velvet Underground
  42. Army of Me – Bjork
  43. Sea of Sin – Depeche Mode
  44. Queen of Pain – The Cramps
  45. Passenger – Deftones
  46. Shut Up and Fuck – Betty Blowtorch
  47. Oh Bondage! Up Yours! – X-Ray Spex
  48. Moments in Love – Art of Noise
  49. Absolution – Gary Numan
  50. Corrupt – Depeche Mode