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Gen-X Meets Middle-Age

I think our elders in the past underestimated the children of Gen-X. We are now middle-aged and a force to be reckoned with.

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Forbidden Fruit: A Lustful Mix

Love and sex makes the world go ’round – it’s a fact of life – and they offer for a lot, if not most, song lyrics.  Love. Lust. Passion. Where would we be without them?  What about kink and corruption? Now we’re talking… What is it about the forbidden fruits that make them so much more sweeter to taste? I think it is human nature to have some deviant desires. Of course I consider myself the unofficial queen of unconventional relationships, at least in my circle of friends. It’s no secret I’ve…

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Run Wild…

  I am now in one of the longest periods of my life without being in a relationship – three and a half years now to be exact. I won’t lie, the first three to six months were torturous – I’ve always been involved one way or another with a man since I was 16 years old. Being completely alone like this took some adjustments in the beginning, but now I revel in my solitude. When my last boyfriend and I broke up it hurt, but remarkably I bounced back…

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