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I Miss My MTV! – Shows of the ’80s

    When I was a teenager, I always looked forward to my weekends.   I didn’t look forward to them for the usual reasons, like parties or that’s when I got to watch the totally awesome programming of the early to mid-1980s on cable. My parents didn’t believe in cable TV, so if I wanted to watch MTV, USA, or TBS, I had to go over to my brother’s house. My brother got free babysitting and I got to watch cable shows. Looking back, I still think I got the better end…

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Strangelove – A Depeche Mode Playlist

This post is a little overdue – by almost three weeks! My life has been crazy as of late, between work, moving, and organizing and promoting the first-ever Punk Rock Flea Market in Lorain, Ohio that took place last weekend. The event was as success and I am able to breathe again. Anyways, I digress… A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out to The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH and attended The Cure vs. Depeche Mode dance night. This (awesome amazing) night of music was DJ’d by Cleveland greats Tim Smith and Evan Nave.…

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classic alternative darkwave Goth Mixtape 

Why Can’t I Be You? – A Cure playlist

The Cure, along with Depeche Mode, were my all-time favorite band in the 80’s. Robert Smiths’ lyrics resonated with my dark and angsty young heart.

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