Strangelove – A Depeche Mode Playlist

This post is a little overdue – by almost three weeks!

My life has been crazy as of late, between work, moving, and organizing and promoting the first-ever Punk Rock Flea Market in Lorain, Ohio that took place last weekend. The event was as success and I am able to breathe again. Anyways, I digress…

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out to The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH and attended The Cure vs. Depeche Mode dance night. This (awesome amazing) night of music was DJ’d by Cleveland greats Tim Smith and Evan Nave. A few Cure tunes followed by a few Depeche Mode tunes. All night long the dance floor was busy.


Depeche Mode 92


It was more than just a musical trip down memory lane for me this time around. Both of these exceptional bands hold a special place in my heart, as they are my all-time favorites.

These are the songs and lyrics to my life.

While The Cure remains #1 to my teenage and young adult self, Depeche Mode holds fast as my favorite these days. 

Martin Gore‘s passionate and powerful lyrics resonate deep within my soul. I first felt this stirring of emotions with 1987’s Music For The Masses album. I swear there isn’t a song on that album that didn’t speak to me, even as a teenager. It’s so hard to even pick a favorite song from that album, but if I had to say, it would have to be Strangelove


When I saw them live in 1990 on their World Violation Tour, I had front row tickets and was baptized in Dave Gahan’s sweat — there was no turning back! 


Over the years, from Speak & Spell to their most recent studio album, Spirit, Depeche Mode’s music, and lyrics have carried me through some of the darkest, yet most fulfilling times in my life. 

If I had to pick a favorite album, it would have to be Songs of Faith and Devotion. There was something about the soulful and passionate music and lyrics that resonated with my life at that point, along with the fact that Dave Gahan was going through a very trying time in his life struggling with addiction. These things combined with my mind, body, and soul and made this album my all-time favorite. 


Depeche Mode 1


A confession of sorts, to soothe my soul, if you will…

As much as I feel I am part of the alternative and goth subculture, I feel so far apart from the people within it.

Back in the late ’80s to mid-’90s when the scene was alive and popular, I was a wallflower when it came to mixing and mingling within the scene and meeting others. Because I had self-confidence issues, unless approached by others at the clubs, I pretty much stayed to myself. I didn’t mind, I’ve always been a loner of sorts.

I still keep to myself today unless approached; being an introvert has its challenges. I tend to sit back and people-watch while at events like this and take notes, for future writing material. 

The following is something I penned that night a few weeks ago, as the music transported me into another place and time…


I am anonymous
in a sea of
familiar faces.
An outsider
looking in
from afar.
People watching.
All these years and
nothing has changed.
Just another
face in the crowd.
I’m a subculture
within a subculture.
A freak among freaks.
I take my corner
on the dance floor,
forgetting I’m
all alone,
and get lost
in the music.


We are all from different walks of life, have different stories of life to tell, hold different beliefs, but one thing unites us all – the music. Gatherings like Classic Alternative Music nights are just one example of this, and I love being part of them, even if I (sometimes) just watch from afar. 

This playlist, like The Cure one I made a few weeks ago, could go on and on for days – but I limited it to 65 songs. I think it has a good variety of Depeche Mode’s musical catalog, along with b-sides, rarities, and remixes. The songs are in no particular order, so hit shuffle and get your dance on! 


Depeche Mode Mix

Depeche Mode 2

  1. Route 66 (mix)
  2. Black Celebration
  3. I Feel You
  4. But Not Tonight
  5. Sea of Sin
  6. My Secret Garden
  7. Strangelove (Pain Mix)
  8. A Question of Time
  9. Stripped
  10. Suffer Well
  11. It’s No Good
  12. Walking in My Shoes
  13. Shake The Disease
  14. Blasphemous Rumours
  15. Master and Servant
  16. In Your Room
  17. People Are People 
  18. Dream On
  19. Clean
  20. Somebody (with Alan Wilder live)
  21. Barrel of a Gun
  22. A Pain That I’m Used To
  23. Dangerous
  24. Fly On The Windscreen
  25. A Question of Lust
  26. Policy of Truth
  27. Angel
  28. John The Revelator
  29. Lilian
  30. Waiting for the Night
  31. Corrupt
  32. Condemnation
  33. Halo
  34. One Caress
  35. Home
  36. Enjoy The Silence
  37. Soothe My Soul
  38. Nothing’s Impossible
  39. Lie To Me (Dominatrix Remix 2009)
  40. Happiest Girl
  41. Should Be Higher (live)
  42. Come Back (live)
  43. Told You So
  44. Never Let Me Down Again
  45. Precious
  46. Flexible
  47. Pleasure, Little Treasure
  48. New Dress
  49. The Darkest Star
  50. Goodnight
  51. Nothing to Fear
  52. Mercy In You
  53. Painkiller
  54. Memphisto
  55. Sweetest Perfection
  56. Just Can’t Get Enough
  57. Everything Counts
  58. The Things You Said
  59. The Sun and The Rainfall
  60. Get The Balance Right
  61. See You
  62. Heaven
  63. Rush
  64. Behind The Wheel
  65. Surrender
  66. Where’s The Revolution