Why Can’t I Be You? – A Cure playlist

I don’t go out to clubs as much as I used to, especially dance clubs. I find the music of today filled with so much auto-tuned and musical garbage.

Even the Goth clubs are filled with this new trend of “dubstep”, which sounds like Transformers having sex. What’s worse is the younger generation Goth kids who chew on glow sticks and twirl LED balls and poi to the music.

Yeah, ok, so I’ve become a cranky old Goth chick.

In my defense, I’m an old-school Goth or OG – Original Goth. I pay homage to my roots by reveling in and dancing to the pioneers of Darkwave and Goth, bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Cure.

The-Cure 80s


The Cure, along with Depeche Mode, was my all-time favorite band in the ’80s.

Robert Smiths’ lyrics resonated with my dark and angsty young heart. I prided myself on having every single album they released on cassette tape. The Cure made up the majority of my music collection, with Depeche Mode a very close second. 

boys don't cryI had my walls covered with Cure posters, with my favorite poster being the black and white one of Robert, “Boys Don’t Cry” poster my brother bought me for Christmas one year. My hair during the second half of my junior year of high school, going well into my senior year was fashioned after Robert’s messy and wild mane. I even adopted his clothing style of over-sized white shirts, black jackets, and big baggy black sweaters. 

I cried and got depressed when Robert Smith got married to his longtime girlfriend, Mary Poole, back in 1988. My world revolved around my musical obsession with The Cure. I was a total Cure fanatic, and all my friends knew it. 

Tonight I venture out to The Phantasy in Lakewood, Ohio to attend an awesome night of music: The Cure vs. Depeche Mode night with DJ’s Tim Smith and Evan Nave DJ’ing. These two guys were (and still are) my favorite DJ’s from the 90’s era of Gothic Industrial dance clubs in Cleveland. I might even “Smith” my hair, for old-times sake.

In honor of this night, which I’m positive will be awesome and amazing, I’ve compiled a playlist of some of the best Cure songs out there. This list could go on for days, but I limited myself to 50 tracks. 

In a battle of bands, who would win? The Cure or Depeche Mode?

I’m torn.

My 80’s and 90’s self would choose The Cure hands-down, but today I’d have to say Depeche Mode. So instead of choosing a fave, I’ll just let them both share the spotlight in my musical life.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful trip down memory lane with The Cure. Tomorrow I will feature a playlist of Depeche Mode songs to compliment this one. Oh, and one more thing – these songs are in no particular order – so crank it up and hit shuffle!


robert smith the cure

  1. A Night Like This
  2. Primary
  3. Push
  4. Sinking
  5. Siamese Twins
  6. Why Can’t I Be You?
  7. Catch
  8. The Blood (acoustic)
  9. Play For Today
  10. The Walk
  11. I Dig You
  12. The Same Deep Water as You
  13. From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea
  14. How Beautiful You Are
  15. Prayers For Rain
  16. One Hundred Years
  17. All Cats Are Grey
  18. Burn
  19. More Than This
  20. Maybe Someday
  21. Pictures of You
  22. Letter To Elise
  23. Boys Don’t Cry
  24. M
  25. Alt.End
  26. Closedown
  27. Fascination Street
  28. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
  29. 10:15 Saturday Night
  30. Mr. Pink Eyes
  31. The Exploding Boy
  32. Another Journey By Train
  33. Let’s Go To Bed
  34. In Between Days
  35. A Few Hours After This
  36. Happy The Man
  37. Bananafishbones
  38. Numb
  39. Strange Attraction
  40. Going Nowhere
  41. There is No If
  42. Open
  43. The Last Day of Summer
  44. Underneath The Stars
  45. One More Time
  46. Kyoto Song
  47. Babble
  48. A Chain of Flowers
  49. This Morning
  50. Harold and Joe
  51. A Forest