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Punk Rock Summer of 88

The summer of 88 was special to me for so many reasons. I remember it all as if it were yesterday through another mixtape playlist.

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Time Machines and Emotional Roller Coasters

  Have you ever thought back to some of the stupid things you’ve done in your past and wanted a do-over? Yeah, me too. If only there were such things as a time machine or even Doctor Who’s TARDIS.   But of course, there isn’t – it’s all fiction, even though I’d like to believe The Doctor is somewhere out there doing his whole wibbly wobbly timey-wimey thing. I’ve been in a stage of downsizing my material possessions and simplifying for the past few years – it’s just stuff after…

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The Struggle of (Un)Affordable Healthcare

  Mental illness runs in my family, especially depression.   My mother described herself over the years as being “manic depressive” – I do not argue that fact with her. From what I can gather, her mother was also depressed. My mother refuses to take meds for her depression, and if anyone in the history of man should take meds, it should be her. I have dealt with depression issues since childhood. I was always a social butterfly, but still very much withdrawn. I never disclosed to my friends the…

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