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Dance Mfr, Dance!

Last night has to be one of the best nights I’ve had in such a long time. I went to the “9 of Clubs Nite” at The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH – a musical flashback to the 1980-90’s gothic-industrial scene. I cannot remember the last time I danced to this music in a club. It was the best feeling ever. I was a stranger in a room full of people, yet we all were of the same mindset – we were there to reminisce and take a trip back in time through…

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Hot Fucking Mess

I take one, one, one ’cause you left me And two, two, two for my family And three, three, three for my heartache And four, four, four for my headaches And five, five, five for my lonely And six, six, six for my sorrow And seven, seven for no tomorrow And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods Ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything -Kiss Off – Violent Femmes   It’s been a long strange ride, this life of…

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My Manic Mind – Mixtape Playlist

My manic mind likes to make me overthink & analyze everything down to the most intricate detail. It’s frustrating to live with this madness.

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