Punk – Then and Now [The Mid]

punk's not dead
Photo credit: Robin Laurance For The Washington Post


My first piece went live today on The Mid!

The Mid is a great site for reads about life in the messy middle age, 80’s and 90’s pop culture, family life and more! 

This piece is about the Punk subculture then and now. Punk holds a special place in my heart, and will always be a big part of my life – both the music and the attitude.


“Young and without a care in the world, disobedience and anarchy were our anthems of discontent. Nothing could stop us. We were the Blank Generation.

And then we had to grow up.”


Go read more at: Punk’s Not Dead: From Rebellion to Responsibility


If you’re an old school punk, please do me a favor and answer this: What did “anarchy” and “punk” mean to you growing up and what does it mean to you now?