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Depression: Excuse me while I silently scream

Being powerful and strong means having the courage to admit when things are out of control and you need help with your depression.

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Head Bangin’ Car Blastin’ Hair Bands

  In the mid 1980’s a rock music explosion happened almost over night. Their hair was big and their music was loud.  Hair bands. Some people love them. Others hate them. Either way, along with helping to tear a hole in the ozone layer with all the hair spray they used, these bands carved out a place in 80’s music history. There are stations like Hair Nation on Sirius XM dedicated to that head banging era of music. Terrestrial radio stations dedicate afternoons, days and even weekends to the glorious metal…

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10 Controversial Classic Alternative Tunes

    Political Correctness – it’s all around us and you cannot escape its stifling grip.    I remember going to Disneyland as a child and riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with my parents and seeing the historically correct “Auction! Take a wench for a bride!”, thinking nothing of it being offensive because it was a part of history. When I took a solo trip to California many years later, I rode the same ride and the auction part was removed because it was no longer politically correct. It…

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