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Sweet Dreams are Made of This – Music Video Addict

My name is Laura and I am a music video addict.   I remember that wonderful summer of 1981 well.   I stayed a few weeks in Pennsylvania with my Dad, even though Mom-ster hated when I stayed there with his family. She especially hated it when I walked down the driveway to visit “Auntie” in her mobile home.  I loved spending time with Auntie – she was funny and we would sit and watch game shows or her stories on TV. That day I visited her, Auntie let me…

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Classic Alternative Car Blast Mania

It’s been a complete flashback week with music for me. I’ve done a lot of writing for other publications I submit to and called on my classic alternative music past to inspire me to greatness. This year marks my 25th high school class reunion. To be honest, when I graduated, I never thought I’d live to see my 10th let alone my 25th reunion. I was reckless and in my mind it was live fast die young – like Sid and Nancy, without the drugs. Then life happened a year and…

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