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I’m Fine.

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for over a year now, but kept putting it off because I didn’t want to bring these realities to life, or to revisit them. After further consideration, I believe these are things that need to be said. I’ve seen the countless memes, the series of photos about mental illness in general, but more specifically depression and anxiety, and I always share them so others know the struggle – but it is just a mere glimpse into the black hole of the abyss. So here…

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Frigid Solitude – Haiku [poetry]

  January sun Swallowed by ominous clouds Not allowed to shine   Bitter cold wind bites Stealing comfortable warmth Chilling to the bone   Solitary life Never used to be this way Long winter alone  

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Black [poetry]

  A shade – not a color Bright and vivid A dark and stormy night. Look into the sky – Dark. Tells all, knows all… Patterns unknown Stories untold. The depths of the ocean The limits of imagination. Thoughts in silence Feelings left alone… My heart.    

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