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Tragic Beauty Productions is a passionate and artistic journey that I’ve been on since the late 1980s.

I have been a creative soul since I was a child, always drawn to the darker and edgier aspects of life – it was only a matter of time before it took root and form in my art.

There is much to be said about dark and edgy photos and art that stir emotions deep down inside of us; there within lies the beauty.



I am not your run-of-the-mill, conventional photographer.

I use lighting that is available to me: natural light, floor lamps, work lights, LED spots and sometimes, actual photography lighting.

Always looking for new things to do and experiment with gives me a bit of an edge over other photographers.

My work is distinguishable from others because of lighting, poses, angles, and props that I use.



I am always looking to capture something on film that I have never done before.


I like bizarre, dark and edgy and I have a warped sense of humor and style. I try to shoot exactly what I see in my mind, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Creating unique art is my mission.

I can shoot glamour and portraits, and I do on occasion, for friends and family who want that look. 

There are tons of photographers out there that specialize in photographing life events like weddings, and pretty airbrushed glam.



I am not one of those photographers.



I like to capture the harsh reality of life in people, and sometimes, their secret hidden side.

I want to capture life, passion, and desire in my photos.

I am looking to create some great works of art.

I don’t like rules and doing things the right way — so far this has worked for me.

Sure, I know all the photography rules, but you must know the rules to break them and twist them into your own.

After a long hiatus, I am shooting again; I am making up for lost time with my art.

No more listening to the naysayers – they only want to hold me back from expressing myself and following my passions.

Alter-ego sessions will be available soon, with a team of talented artists to help bring your fantasy side to life and for those that want a raw, racy or edgy feel to their photos.

Tragic Beauty Productions will also feature photo prints and mixed media art prints for purchase. 


Prepare yourself, for a bizarre journey with lots of daring and passion filled art is coming… 

In the immortal words from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Don’t dream it, be it.”



Tragic Beauty Productions is:






Photographic Art

That makes you






More Photos and Mixed Media Art coming soon!


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