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Strip Club Mean Girls

Have you ever watched the teen movie, Mean Girls? For those of you who haven’t, basically it’s about a clique of popular high school girls called The Plastics; the 80’s had Heathers, the 90’s Clueless and the 00’s, Mean Girls. Since it’s a piece of fiction, of course there is a happy ending to the movie; in real life, however, you’re not always guaranteed that happy ending. The strip club I worked at was similar to the movie Mean Girls; there was a clique, and the Queen Bee and her court reigned…

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Baggage: My First Day in Rome

When I first arrived in Italy I couldn’t believe I was actually there. Reality started to set in as I made my way to the baggage claim in the Fiumicino Airport and heard the announcements being made in Italian. I watched the baggage carousel go around hundreds of times without seeing my luggage; turns out my luggage was on it’s own trip and was now somewhere between Philadelphia and Frankfurt, Germany. I was forced to begin my trip of a lifetime in Rome without my essentials. As I traveled by…

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