Darkwave Battle Royale – Peter Murphy vs. Gary Numan

9 of ClubsFriday, December 4th, I went out to The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH once again for the latest installment of 9 of Clubs reunion night. 

Three great DJ’s spinning a time warp vortex of the best ’80s and ’90s Goth, Industrial, House, New Wave, and Darkwave music out there. Lots of Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, Front 242, and more. 

It was by far the absolute best reunion night yet with music and attendance. I danced so much, I was sore the next day. Definitely not complaining! 

There was one tiny problem though – not enough Bauhaus, Tubeway Army, Peter Murphy, or Gary Numan


Bauhaus Tubeway Army


Peter and Gary are the quintessential Godfathers of Goth (or if you prefer, Goth-Fathers) with their hauntingly melodic music, lyrics that cut into your soul, and of course their sensually hypnotic voices. 

I think a double-bill of Peter Murphy and Gary Numan would be the ultimate Goth concert – you know, like the whole Billy Joel and Elton John combo concerts are for rock. Just imagine the musical magic Peter and Gary would perform on stage together!

Until that happens, I guess an alternating mixtape playlist of these two amazingly talented and timeless artists will have to suffice. 

This playlist starts out with tunes from their original bands, then goes right into their solo work – which, in my opinion, is their best work. 

This is the perfect playlist to stir and stoke the creative fires buried deep inside and bring them blazing to life.

As with most of my playlists, this could go on for days on end with song selections, but I limited it to 30 of their best solo songs. I hope you enjoy this 62 song playlist as much as I did creating it.


Peter Murphy Gary Numan


Peter Murphy vs. Gary Numan

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  1. Kick In The Eye – Bauhaus
  2. Are Friends Electric – Tubeway Army
  3. Cuts You Up – Peter Murphy
  4. I Dream of Wires – Gary Numan
  5. Hang Up – Peter Murphy
  6. I Am Dust – Gary Numan
  7. A Strange Kind of Love – Peter Murphy
  8. Ancients – Gary Numan
  9. All Night Long – Peter Murphy
  10. Listen to My Voice – Gary Numan
  11. The Scarlet Thing in You – Peter Murphy
  12. Haunted – Gary Numan
  13. I’ll Fall With Your Knife – Peter Murphy
  14. Love Hurt Bleed – Gary Numan
  15. Indigo Eyes – Peter Murphy
  16. Down in The Park – Gary Numan
  17. Seesaw Sway – Peter Murphy
  18. Walking With Shadows – Gary Numan
  19. Huuvola – Peter Murphy
  20. The Fall – Gary Numan
  21. Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem – Peter Murphy
  22. Cars – Gary Numan
  23. I Spit Roses – Peter Murphy
  24. Seed of a Lie – Gary Numan
  25. Fake Sparkle or Golden Dust? – Peter Murphy
  26. I Die, You Die – Gary Numan
  27. Never Fall Out – Peter Murphy
  28. Call Out The Dogs – Gary Numan
  29. Dream Gone By – Peter Murphy
  30. Splinter – Gary Numan
  31. Hit Song – Peter Murphy
  32. Dark – Gary Numan
  33. Eliza – Peter Murphy
  34. Dead Heaven – Gary Numan
  35. Our Secret – Peter Murphy
  36. Slave – Gary Numan
  37. Final Solution – Peter Murphy
  38. Warriors – Gary Numan
  39. Keep Me From Harm – Peter Murphy
  40. Music For Chameleons – Gary Numan
  41. My Last Two Weeks – Peter Murphy
  42. Absolution – Gary Numan
  43. Time Has Nothing To Do With It – Peter Murphy
  44. One Perfect Lie – Gary Numan
  45. Crystal Wrists – Peter Murphy
  46. This Wreckage – Gary Numan
  47. Idle Flow – Peter Murphy
  48. Halo – Gary Numan
  49. Your Face – Peter Murphy
  50. Dominion Day – Gary Numan
  51. You’re So Close – Peter Murphy
  52. M.E. – Gary Numan
  53. Creme de la Creme – Peter Murphy
  54. Before You Hate It – Gary Numan
  55. Mercy Rain – Peter Murphy
  56. A Subway Called “You” – Gary Numan
  57. Seven Veils – Peter Murphy
  58. My Breathing – Gary Numan
  59. Let Me Love You – Peter Murphy
  60. War Songs – Gary Numan
  61. Things To Remember – Peter Murphy
  62. The Machman – Gary Numan