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Musical Prophet: George Michael

Music is my religion, and the musicians are the prophets who are always there, seeing me through the wilderness and bringing light and love back into my life.   Whether I am happy, sad, depressed, angry, or in love, these prophets always have something to say to me through their powerful lyrics and music. In the past year, I’ve lost four major musical prophets from my life – David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and George Michael. 2016 is truly the year the music died.     Long before there was this awful invention called auto-tune,…

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Playlist Coffeehouse Ramblings

Oh the things these crazy college students wear. I didn’t think they still made shorty short track shorts for guys… thank goodness he has boxer briefs on! He looks as if he walked out of the Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” video. I see people I recognize, perhaps from another time – how could I know any of these 20-something kids? It’s a case of deja-vu and it’s happening a lot lately. Deja-vu they say is a series of marks that your self makes in another time…

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