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Why Can’t I Be You? – A Cure playlist

I don’t go out to clubs as much as I used to, especially dance clubs. I find the music of today filled with so much auto-tuned and musical garbage. Even the Goth clubs are filled with this new trend of “dubstep”, which sounds like Transformers having sex. What’s worse is the younger generation Goth kids who chew on glow sticks and twirl LED balls and poi to the music. Yeah, ok, so I’ve become a cranky old Goth chick. In my defense, I’m an old school Goth or OG –…

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Dead Souls – A New Wave, Darkwave, Gothic and Industrial Halloween [mixtape]

  Halloween greetings to you on this chilly and cloudy day – at least here in Northern Ohio. As promised yesterday in my first of two great Halloween playlists, I bring you installment #2 – a New Wave, Darkwave, Gothic and Industrial mixtape playlist for all of you children of the night! This playlist does steal a few selections from my Grimly Fiendish Halloween mixtape from last year – but I did my best to keep them to a minimum and instead use the extended or dance remix versions. No New Wave/Darkwave Halloween…

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I Feel Like Dancing – House Mix

Ever since I went out dancing last weekend at The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH during their latest installment of “9 of Clubs Nite”, I’ve been in the mood for dancing. Sadly, the clubs of today do not cater to the awesome music of days gone by that makes me want to get up and dance.  I’ve often talked about opening my own club and catering to an older crowd, mostly my generation and those younger people who have old souls and know great retro music when they hear it. If money…

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Confessions of an 80’s Hairspray Addict

  I have a confession and I really hate to admit it, but I was one of the worst contributors who helped tear a massive hole in the ozone layer in the mid to late 1980’s. I was a hairspray addict, as were most of my peers in the 1980’s. Being teenage girls in the 1980’s, we loved our big cans of Aqua Net and Rave as we curled, crimped and teased our hair and pulled our bangs up to the crazy “mall-bang” trend teen pop artists like Debbie Gibson…

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Classic Alternative Car Blast Mania

It’s been a complete flashback week with music for me. I’ve done a lot of writing for other publications I submit to and called on my classic alternative music past to inspire me to greatness. This year marks my 25th high school class reunion. To be honest, when I graduated, I never thought I’d live to see my 10th let alone my 25th reunion. I was reckless and in my mind it was live fast die young – like Sid and Nancy, without the drugs. Then life happened a year and…

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