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You Bastard! 25 songs about lying, cheating and heartbreak

Ever been lied to?   Cheated on?   Totally crushed and heartbroken because of someone’s carelessness with your heart and feelings?     Then this mix tape playlist is for you!    I’ve revisited and (over) evaluating some of my horrible past (so-called) relationships this week. I thought about rating them worst to best, but it seems they all fall on the same line of deception, heartbreak and stupidity (on my part), so that is pointless. So instead, I opted for a killer mix tape playlist filled with anger, rage,…

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A Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday

Dearest Daughter, Happy 24th Birthday! I hope you enjoy your very special day. I think of you often, my beautiful girl, especially on this day. August has always been a difficult month for me since you were born – not because I regret my decision, because we both know I did the best possible thing ever giving you up. August is always a month for me to assess my life and how far I’ve come. When I received your LinkedIn invite in my email not too long ago, I was…

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Time Machines and Emotional Roller Coasters

Have you ever thought back to some of the stupid things you’ve done in your past and wanted a do-over? Yeah, me too. If only there were such things as a time machine or even Doctor Who’s TARDIS. But of course there isn’t – it’s all fiction, even though I’d like to believe The Doctor is somewhere out there doing his whole wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing. I’ve been in a stage of downsizing my material possessions and simplifying for the past few years – it’s just stuff after all.…

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Spring Flinging It – 22 Sexy & Sultry Songs for Lovers

    Hey there loves, I’m back with another Mix Tape Playlist for you! Since we’ve had such a long and crappy winter (that’s putting it mildly!) I thought I’d put together a kick-ass mix tape playlist of songs to get you in the mood for some spring fling action. *wink wink* This music mix has a good variety of old and new, goth, industrial, techno, rock, and even some modern pop tunes. From Lana Del Rey and Flight Facilities to Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, this mix definitely runs the…

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Life Lessons – 10 Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s [Pucker Mob]

I’m not going to lie – I was a total hot mess when I was in my 20’s. Growing up the way I did, it’s a wonder I made it this far in life! My first piece on Pucker Mob’s MoBlog is speaking directly to my younger, hot mess self. If there was really such thing as a time machine (or TARDIS!) and I could go back in time, these are the top 10 things I would pass on to my younger self. Most likely, I still wouldn’t listen… but…

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