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You Bastard! 25 songs about lying, cheating and heartbreak

Ever been lied to?   Cheated on?   Totally crushed and heartbroken because of someone’s carelessness with your heart and feelings?     Then this mix tape playlist is for you!    I’ve revisited and (over) evaluating some of my horrible past (so-called) relationships this week. I thought about rating them worst to best, but it seems they all fall on the same line of deception, heartbreak and stupidity (on my part), so that is pointless. So instead, I opted for a killer mix tape playlist filled with anger, rage,…

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Forgiveness [poetry]

                  Sometimes you think you know someone But the someone you know Is a LiE   For years Blinded ToNs of LieS & DeCeiT   Then one day You open your eyes to The TruTh & it is blinding almost consuming & you feel as if you are going to die with the iLLuSioN & the hand that grabs you back up into ReALitY is your own   [ForGivEneSS]   I’ve come to realize WaiTinG for an apology from any of them…

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Lies, Liars and Lying [elephant journal]

Nobody likes a liar – yet the funny thing is we are all guilty of lying at one time or another in our lives. Everybody lies – that is a now famous line of Dr. House from the now defunct, yet very popular TV show, House, MD. My latest piece on elephant journal is all about lies – from our tender beginnings of hearing lies and when we first start to tell them to how they’ve become an almost necessity in life for our own sanity and survival. I hope you…

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Identifying The Queen Bee

 Learn how to recognize the Queen Bee in four easy steps.     • Step 1: Look for a bee larger than others in the hive. In the strip club world, this refers to the size of ego. The Queen Bee had one of the biggest egos – one that she always swore she didn’t have – that I have ever met. Queen Bee represents the epitome of narcissism; everyone from the owner to the employees and customers are deep under her spell. She hides her narcissism well with empty…

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Dodging a Bullet

Have you ever had your heart broken? I’m sure you have at least once or twice; it’s the worst feeling in the world isn’t it? I’ve had more than my share of heartbreak over the years. It’s such an all-consuming feeling and nothing can stop the pain; especially when it’s the heartbreak of a broken relationship with someone you loved. The heartbreak of an ended relationship is hard to cope with for anyone. That heartache and pain makes you work your way through the stages of grief, as if you’ve…

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