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Confessions of an 80’s Hairspray Addict

  I have a confession and I really hate to admit it, but I was one of the worst contributors who helped tear a massive hole in the ozone layer in the mid to late 1980’s. I was a hairspray addict, as were most of my peers in the 1980’s. Being teenage girls in the 1980’s, we loved our big cans of Aqua Net and Rave as we curled, crimped and teased our hair and pulled our bangs up to the crazy “mall-bang” trend teen pop artists like Debbie Gibson…

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Playlist Coffeehouse Ramblings

Oh the things these crazy college students wear. I didn’t think they still made shorty short track shorts for guys… thank goodness he has boxer briefs on! He looks as if he walked out of the Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” video. I see people I recognize, perhaps from another time – how could I know any of these 20-something kids? It’s a case of deja-vu and it’s happening a lot lately. Deja-vu they say is a series of marks that your self makes in another time…

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Some Kind of…?

(Revised and edited 12/30/13) The first relationship I had with a narcissist, aside from the Mom-ster, started my senior year of high school, in 1990. It really wasn’t a relationship by any stretch of the imagination and was dysfunctional in almost every way. It started out as a mere flirtation between JD and I. We had been friends all through our school years. JD had this air of confidence, a witty sense of humor, always dressed very well and we liked a lot of the same things. He was also completely unavailable,…

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