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On The Fly

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On The Fly pieces are stream of consciousness writing, with little to no editing. Honest and raw emotion.



Coffeehouse Raw: Stream of Consciousness

Coming Attractions

Hell of Writing

Coffeehouse Raw: Random Ramblings

Love and Valentine’s Day

Traveling to Creative-ville on the Espresso

Twitterpated Season – The Hook-up Mating Dance


Meditative Bliss – La Spiaggia

Bittersweet Symphony of Life

Emotional Limbo


Distraction: Let Go or be Dragged

Alone & Rockin’ It!

May the 4th Be With You!

Playlist Coffeehouse Ramblings

Good Things & Bad Things – Vincent & The Doctor

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Haunted by the girl I used to be 

The Secret Lonely Girl 

The Melancholies

Cry Baby, Cry

Déjà Vu – In love with life

Fall Mood

Fanatical Fandom

Bittersweet Legacy

Selling My Dream

Masochistic Tendencies

The Ever Inspiring Henry Rollins

Throat Punch

My Old Life Ends at Chapter 7 – New Life Agenda


Love Kills – Sid & Nancy

Please (Don’t) Buy Me Flowers

The Shit Storm of Negativity

Sneak Attack

Children + Facebook = Asking for Trouble

Excuse me while I silently scream

I’m (not) Fine.

Public Display of Music

New Moon Transition

Yipes Stripes Fruit Stripe

I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right

Distraction – Where is My Mind?


Iconically Me

So Over 2016


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