Mix Tape

mix tapes


“Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they can add up to the story of a life.”

Rob Sheffield, Love is a Mix Tape


Banging My Head Into A Wall – 13 Punk Songs About Life & Love

Fall Mood – 17 Goth/Alt Songs Perfect For Brooding

Dressing Coffins for the Soul – 13 Songs of 90’s Angst-ridden Love

Grimly Fiendish – 28 Hauntingly Awesome Songs for Halloween

Post Punk Love – 14 songs about (you guessed it) Love

Songs of Our Lives

Spring Flinging It – 22 Sexy & Sultry Songs for Lovers

Kiss Me I’m Punk Rock! – 17 Irish Punk Rock Tunes

Wild Boys! – 15+ Duran Duran Masterpieces

Car Blasting Tunes – 70’s & 80’s Rock

Classic Alternative Car Blast Mania

World Goth Day – Dance the Ghost with Me

10 Controversial Classic Alternative Tunes

Head Bangin’ Car Blastin Hair Bands

Class of 1990 – 25 Years

My Manic Mind

Hot Fucking Mess

Dance Mfr, Dance!

Punk Rock Summer of 88

Songs strippers ruined for me

Kick-Your-Ass Punk Rock Primer

You Bastard! 25 songs about lying, cheating and heartbreak

Brooding Burgundy & The Melancholies

Confessions of an 80’s Hairspray Addict

I Feel Like Dancing – A Tribute to House Music of the late 80’s to mid 90’s

Ghouls Night Out – A Psychobilly/Horror Punk Halloween

Dead Souls – A New Wave, Darkwave, Gothic and Industrial Halloween

Why Can’t I Be You? – A Cure Playlist

Strangelove – A Depeche Mode Playlist

I Miss My MTV – Nighttime Music & Variety Shows of the 80’s

Darkwave Battle Royale – Peter Murphy vs. Gary Numan

A New Wave Punk Rock Christmas!

Black Wednesday, Teenage Punk and the Social Introvert

The Velvet Underground and David Bowie – The Forefathers of Punk

Punk Rock Freedom of Expression

Happy 60th Birthday John Lydon!

Run Wild…

Forbidden Fruit: A Lustful Mix

Gen-X Meets Middle-Age

Endship – Ain’t that a bitch?

40 Years of Ramones!

Stars Don’t Shine Without You – World Goth Day 2016

Distraction – Where is My Mind?


Summertime Sadness

And The Dance Goes On – Fall Mood 2016

Nevermore: Samhain 2016

Take Back The Power!

A Lesson in Scrapbooking

Dancing With Depression & Anxiety

I’m Fine.

#1 Crush

Sentimentality & Introspection

Fighting For Happiness

Sad Bastard Music

My Big (Fat Gay) Punk Rock Prom


2 Thoughts to “Mix Tape”

  1. Have you looked into posting these mixes on Mixcloud? I’d love to have these available while driving! Good stuff, lady!

    1. Laura Bock

      I’ve been looking into Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and Spotify, so one or more of those is a possibility soon! Thanks for the input and for reading! 🙂

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