Great American Road Trip



My name is Laura Bock, I am a writer and photographer from Northeast Ohio. I would like to take a moment to tell you about my idea for an original and creative grassroots advertising campaign featuring a quality American made car!

The Great American Road Trip in a Great American Car©

A lifelong dream of mine, I want to drive the classic Route 66 round trip, for a little over a month total of travel.

What I am looking for are sponsors to help make this trip a reality. I have different sponsorship levels which all feature great advertising opportunities and exposure!

While driving Route 66 I plan to:

  • Take photos of the Great American car I am driving in front of different classic landmarks along Route 66 and share them on my website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+
  • Write blogs about my adventures, making sure to mention the car, its features, and drivability, along with gas mileage, and any other noteworthy opinions on the car. I will also talk about music and other tidbits as they relate to the trip.

I am looking to embark upon this trip in the late summer/early fall (mid-August to mid-September).

A little about my writing career: I’ve been published on Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, {Be You} Media Group, The Tattooed Buddha, and had a featured guest post on the popular blog Confessions of a Funeral Director. I was also a featured writer for the now defunct online magazine Indie Chicks.

I have an active blog site, Tales of a Formerly Inadequate Fat Girl, which is where this page redirects to, where I write about music, pop-culture, living with depression and other life topics.

I will supplement these blog posts with social media marketing and shares.

My Facebook (1,240 likes) and Twitter (3,552 followers) are active accounts with real followers, as well as my Instagram (585 followers) and Pinterest (487 followers); I recently started using Google+ (61 followers), so my circles are slowly but surely growing. My blog is also set to share with my Linkedin (456 followers), reaching my business network as well as my regular social network and my posts can also be found on Tumblr.

If you are interested in an original grassroots advertising campaign like this with me, please let me know which sponsorship level you want and I will start to plan our collaboration with this unique advertising opportunity!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Yours in wanderlust and creativity,

Laura Bock
Writer & Photographer
Tales of a Formerly Inadequate Fat Girl
Facebook: fatgirltalesljphoto12
Twitter: @LJaneSays
Instagram: tragicbeautyprod
Pinterest: Prgproductions
Google+: +LauraBockFGT



Sponsorship packages for The Great American Road Trip


1: Bon Voyage $25 – 20 available

Receive a Thank You shout-out on my travel sponsors page and on Twitter (if you have one)


2: One Tank Trip $50 – 17 available

Receive above plus your Thank You shout-out on my travel sponsors page includes your website link and either a photo of your business or your business logo.


3: Landmark Jumper $100 – 15 available

Receive all the above plus a personalized blog post advertorial about your business, shared on all social media accounts, with continued shares on Twitter long after the trip is over.


4: Take the Trip $250 – 12 available

Receive all the above plus a link to your website/Facebook page at the end of every blog post on the trip.


5: Going the Distance $500 – 5 available

Receive all the above plus place a magnetic logo of your business on the car I’m driving to be shown in at least ½ of the pics during the trip at Route 66 landmarks, plus a sidebar graphic link (250×250) to your business website.


6: Superstar Round Trip $1,000 – 2 available

Receive all the above plus your magnetic business logo shown in every photo of the car and three (3) months of top banner and footer advertising on my website.


Approximately 6,000 miles round trip

Car rental 35 days – $1,600
Gas – $1,200
Food – $1,200
Lodging – $3,000
Misc – $2,000
TOTAL – $9,000


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