Artwork by Laura


Check out Tragic Beauty Productions to see my photographic art!


Mixed Media Art 


18″ x 24″ stretched canvas with all original photographic prints.



Stripper series


When I worked at the strip clubs as a house mom, I also took photos of some of the girls on stage. I also collected torn money pieces from the floors and used them in these canvases.


The haiku canvases include original writings by myself, incorporating not only my photography and art, but my writing as well.





Gas Mask series


I’ve been fascinated with masks of all shapes and sizes since I was a child.


Gas masks hold a special fascination for me – I think perhaps it is the unknown and sometimes creepy feel to gas masks that make them so appealing to me. 





Submission series


These are original photos featuring words and phrases I’ve carefully chosen that send a message about the alternative and sometimes deviant underground lifestyle of D/s and BDSM. 





Ball Gag series


Along with my fascination of masks, there is just something I find interesting about the fetish toy, the ball gag.



Maybe it’s the muffled moans and whimpers…





Decaying Mannequin series


Years ago I grabbed, with permission, a few old mannequin pieces parts from my parents storage in their backyard.


I always loved how these old circa 1960’s mannequins looked! When I took possession of them, instead of sanding down and restoring, I decided to keep them in their current chipping and peeling state. 


The words on the canvases are, once again, haiku poetry I wrote.





If you like any of these canvases or would like to see more of my art available for purchase, please see my Fine Art America account to purchase. 




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