Iconically Me

Last weekend was so busy, I didn’t have a chance to post on here…

Another Punk Rock Flea Market is over and now we move onto our Xmas show, which also happens to be the One Year Anniversary show. It’s so amazing to see how my simple little idea grew into a successful and popular event. 


With this anniversary looming, my ultra cool and dynamic partner in crime with PRFM Lorain and I decided to have one of the incredible artists who sets up at every PRFM Lorain, The Mischief Factory, do a custom illustration of us. 



At first I was excited and started naming all the comic book and fandom references I wanted represented in it for myself.

It was going to be a combination of Punk Rock with Doctor Who, Classic Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and Star Trek. A cacophony of fandom.

I’d be so drowned in symbolism and fandom, I’d be unrecognizable – which is how I normally roll. 

I’ve hidden myself in one way or another all my life, defining myself in abstracts, so this comes as no surprise. Baring my soul in writing is one thing… a physical representation is so much different.

This morning I was thinking about all I’ve been through and who I am, and just how far I’ve managed to come so far in this life journey. It’s a remarkable transformation. In light of this realization, instead of painting myself into another abstract fantasy, I have instead decided to abandon the multi-verse references.


It’s time I learned to shine in my own character. 


This is a huge step on my part, as I normally like to fade into the background and not put myself into the forefront of anything. 

My icon will instead be me, in all my punk rock awesomeness from both my youth and today, complete with my crazy “brooding burgundy” hair and combat boots, accessorized by books, pens and scrolls with a big black raven on my shoulder and a boombox at my feet. A literati punk rock icon.


I don’t need to drown in a sea of abstracts and make-believe, when I am a pretty colorful character on my own. 


I cannot wait to see what David at The Mischief Factory comes up with!


Check out some of David’s work and order your very own custom portrait!