Yipes Stripes Fruit Stripe [on the fly]

Happiness is… Fruit Stripe gum! 

fruit stripe gum flavors sticks

This is what nostalgia tastes like to me… Thank goodness the memory of this gum lasts longer than the gum itself!

Even though it loses its flavor as soon as you chew it… it is still yummy mouth goodness! It’s like a fruity party in your mouth!

“It’s fun to tickle your tongue with Fruit Stripe Gum!”

I timed it once, you know, how long it takes to go from explosive fruit flavor to nothingness – two minutes and thirty-six seconds (2:36).

Yep, you read that right. But when you’re a kid, that’s like an eternity, right?

Waiting for your favorite cartoon show to come on TV, yes. Chewing gum, not so much.

fruit stripe ad

Comic books and kids magazines had ads for this fruity gum, almost always with cool giveaways. I always wanted to save up and get the cool toys, but I wasn’t allowed. Mom-ster was always such a killjoy. 

But hey, what about the tattoos?! How cool was that when we were kids?! 

yipes stripes tattooLick ’em and stick ’em tattoos! Those were the bomb! They are still cool, at least to me, and make me smile. I never could get them to transfer exactly as they looked – they always blurred and bled. Too much saliva? Most likely. 

I remember a friend and I had a contest to see who could chew the entire pack; once the stick loses flavor, chew another and another until the entire pack was one humongous wad of gum in our mouths. We made it to half a pack before we had to spit it out. 

Dollar General sells this fruity goodness for $1.25 a pack – a far cry from 25¢ back in the day, but all the same, it is a nice walk down memory lane!

My great-nephew and I can go through a pack in less than a few hours. I don’t care, the scent alone makes me happy and reminds me of a time where the only thing I had to worry about was where to dispose of the gum minutes after eating a stick. 

My preferred chewing order has always been: fuchsia, pink, green, orange and finally, yellow. What was yours?

stripes yipes bitchesSo go buy some, bitches, and have a fruity party in your mouth!

I dare you to see how many sticks you can shove into your mouth. – oh and time it to see how long the flavor lasts!

Go cover yourself with lick ’em stick ’em tattoos! There are 10 tattoos, can you find them all?! 

Most importantly, have fun with this fruity time warp trip!