Selling My Dream [on the fly]



As I sat in my office the other day, I heard the calming and familiar sounds of meditation and yoga happening in the yoga studio above me.

Very calming Zen.

This is how I knew that I am home – at least for now – where I work.

Thinking back, the calming chants I heard from above me remind me not only to slow down and enjoy these moments, but they are also a gentle reminder than I have a bit of a way to go on my path to find my true calling and start living it.

I am thankful for the opportunities that this employment has offered me, such as a non-stressful work environment, unlike the one I used to have about seven months ago. I enjoy getting out into the community, meeting new and fascinating people; I’m not held prisoner to a phone and a desk eight hours a day, five days a week.

I must admit, if you would have told me not even three years ago that I would be in sales again I would have laughed at you. I love sales, yet I hate it; but if you really think hard, we are selling ourselves every single day of our lives.


Life is a sometimes a hard sell. We do a lot of cold calling every day.


Think about it, from meeting new people to trying new things, we are in a constant state of selling. Even when we are sitting in the middle of a coffeehouse, as I am now, we are selling the idea to someone else that we exist – we are occupying space and are constantly on display.

Our clothing, body language and even the words we choose to say, and sometimes not say, everything about us is in a state of selling our own personal brand – our individuality – to the world. We are selling our hopes, dreams and daily attitude to our friends, family and strangers.

Sometimes we even have to sell ourselves on an idea, thought or situation, especially if it doesn’t sound good at first; I’m sure it’s our intuition telling us it’s not, but our hearts have minds all their own.

Right now I’m trying to sell you on the idea that everything in life is a sale. Are you buying it?

The thought process I am selling myself on now is that not only does everything happen for a reason, but that am I getting ready for my next phase of life.


This phase is where I’m going to make my dreams come true.




Ever since I entered into the job market when I was eighteen, I’ve had the thought in the back of my mind that I need to have my own business. I’ve tried quite a few times over the years, sometimes failing, but I’m glad that at least I tried. I took the chance and risked failure. That is the beginning of success.

Until this past year, I actually thought that having a business of my own meant having a typical brick and mortar shop or office; in this new age of technology, one can have a virtual business.

I prefer to think of it as a freedom business. Freedom has a lot of connotations and to some it sounds like an easy and fun way to do business; truth be told, a freedom business takes a lot of work – hard work – but the benefits outweigh the work.


I am ready for that responsibility and challenge.


Not long ago, one of my friends asked me, “When do you start making money writing? When you hit a million hits on your site?” It was mildly discouraging, but I didn’t let it get me down for too long.

Every writer needs a platform and that’s what my blog is for. Some do not understand this.

I’ve also decided that while I daily dedicate time to my writing, I need to start devoting at least one entire hour a day to my book – whether I am writing new material for it, editing old material or reorganizing it.

The need for living a creative and productive life is tantamount. I need to focus and keep my eyes on the prize.