Unplugged Weddings – My Take

wedding photographyAs some of you may know, as well as being a writer, I am also a photographer. A lot of people automatically assume because I am a photographer, that I shoot mundane events such as parties and weddings.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I do not like photographing weddings. Am I missing out on money by not offering these services? Yes, but the stress and anxiety just isn’t worth the trade-off for me personally. There are thousands of photographers that can and will shoot weddings –  I prefer allowing them that privilege.

That being said, I agreed to photograph a wedding for a close friend of mine and his beautiful bride-to-be this October; this is my wedding gift to them. I am both anxious and happy to photograph this wedding.

In an attempt to reduce some of my anxiety, I have requested for the couple to announce that their wedding is “Unplugged” – absolutely no cameras, cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. during the ceremony and not until after the first dance or cake cutting, whichever comes last.




I started to think about this…

Technology has really dumbed-down society. It seems that a large amount of people tend to think they are above manners, respect and have an unspoken obligation to use their cameras, smart phones, tablets at the most inopportune times, like at a wedding.

Nothing can ruin one of the happiest moments for a couple than to see people jumping out in front of the wedding photographer, whom they just paid thousands of dollars to be there, causing them to miss an important shot.

Let’s take this one step further and ruin the day even more – they immediately take said photo on their smart phone and share it to social media. This in essence takes away the couples joy of sharing their happy day with the world.

Who knows, maybe that photo has a bad angle with horrible lighting. That is the first impression everyone gets of the wedding.

Not classy.

It truly is sad that we must announce and request that people turn off their mobile devices during such a momentous occasion. What happened to good old-fashioned respect?

I’ve read a lot on “Unplugged Weddings” since my friend mentioned it to me the other day. I’m glad they are becoming popular, but again, it is a shame that this needs requested.

Where in the instruction book for new technological devices does it state that owning one now gives you rights and privileges above others?

If you are attending a wedding, please take a moment to think before whipping out your smart phone or tablet to take a photo or video. At least wait until the reception and after the first dance to start flashing and moving around like a crazy person.

Instead, let the wedding photographer play paparazzi with the bride and groom. Sit back and enjoy the happy and blessed day that your loved ones asked you to share with them.