Sexual Soul Mates [poetry]

twin soul

The memory of our sexual union is a constant temptation to me

You’re ingrained in my body and soul

We are forged from the loins of the gods

Sexual soul mates

I remembered you the first moment I felt your

Strong hands upon my soft, pale naked skin

I cannot forget your touch, it is etched in my memory

Pure sensual and sexual perfection together as one

This is the only way we can be together

Consummating our lust and desire for each other

For only a few stolen hours at a time

I long for our bodies to touch and intertwine once again

I wait anxiously for you to come and explore my luscious body

I desire to feel you again…

Opening my soft fleshy petals with your mouth and devouring me

I climax over and over, rewarding you with my sweet ambrosia

Letting you take me away to worlds

I’ve only explored with you before

My own personal tour guide showing me new paths to ecstasy

Only you have satisfied me in ways I could only dream of

Waves of pleasure always overtake us and

Carry us away from reality

Our longing for each other cannot be denied

In my dreams you still haunt me and ravage me night after night

I wake to find myself cold and alone in my bed

I know it is wrong to desire you like this

Especially since you’re with another, like we once were…

I won’t get my hopes up that this could turn into more

I know you cannot be that man and it isn’t just with me

I am both disgusted by and happy about that fact

My unbridled desire and love for you betrays me through my eyes

I cannot hide it from you nor resist your charms – and you know it

You ignite my inner fires and make oceans of desire overflow

Over and over again

Perhaps one day the gods will take pity and

Move us like chess pieces

Together on the board of life