Wait for it… Wait for it… PLOT TWIST!

plot twistLife is full of curve balls and plot twists that eventually become the building blocks of our strength and character.

I believe that we are often taken off course by these detours because the universe doesn’t want us to become complacent in our day to day existence and habits.

Life is meant to be exciting and somewhat unpredictable, not rigid with routine.

As I was preparing to embark upon my latest and greatest adventure of the year – uprooting my life in Ohio to move to South Carolina in order to recharge my souls battery – life presented me with another curve ball. I’ve become quite accustomed to life changing on a dime; I’ve learned to dodge, duck, run and just go with the flow after years of lessons and a ton of resistance to change.

Most of the time, changes are well out of my control; learning to accept that fact and move on is essential to getting through this life with the least amount of drama and hassle. It has taken me many years and lots of lessons to finally get this knowledge through my sometimes stubborn mind.

This time around when life threw me a curve ball, the control of change was within my hands.

I was preparing to move in with my cousin and her family in South Carolina, only one thing stood between this big move and me – my cats.

Weeks prior to my departure, I found out that my cats were not welcome in my cousins’ home. I highly respect my family’s feelings and decisions; I wouldn’t want to push my cats on people that would rather not have them in their house; I am not that kind of person. It is a big commitment to have pets and I understand their choice; not everyone is equipped for such a responsibility.

I had a choice to make: I could either stay where I was and keep moving forward or I could get rid of my cats and make a big life altering move alone without them. While some would say, “Get rid of the cats! They aren’t going to help make your dreams come true!” I’m not programmed that way.

Pets are a commitment, I wasn’t about to abandon my boys; I knew I would never be able to forgive myself if I gave them up to a shelter or a stranger.

My two darling cats are not pets, they are family.

my boysSid and Jasper have been a big part of my life for the past five years; they are my four legged children. Sometimes they can be annoying, as with human children, but all of the love, occasional snuggles and their happy meows are worth every single annoyance they could possibly offer up. I know I wouldn’t have made it through some of my darkest days without their presence in my life.

I missed my mischievous cats badly when I was on vacation in Italy a few years ago; every cat I saw reminded me of my furry love bugs waiting for me back home.

When I got the news that my cats weren’t welcomed in my cousins’ home, I had my moment of panic and freak out; after a few moments I gained composure and my mind screamed, “Plot twist!

I am one of those types of people that like to make lists, always have since I was a child. A week before this happened I made a list of all I wanted to accomplish while in South Carolina. I pulled out my list again and re-read it – nowhere on there did it say I had to be in South Carolina to do any of the items I listed.

My list was not contingent on a specific location.

So now, instead of planning a long road trip with my fur babies to take up temporary residence in South Carolina, I am now working on finding a permanent home in Oberlin, Ohio; I’ve always felt a sense of home and belonging there. I had planned on moving there eventually someday – what better a place to get that grounding and spiritual fulfillment than in the place I most truly want to be!

Onward and upward! I am ready and excited to tackle my “to-do list” from my new digs, with my two quadruped children in tow.

I am hoping that this is what the universe had in mind for me with this current plot twist… if not, I’m ready to roll with whatever comes my way.